Civil Rights Day 1

Before you begin the webquest be sure you have completed your vocab P 818 in the American Journey book.

Civil Rights

  1. Before the Civil War, how did free blacks fight for equality?
  2. What were open forms of resistance that African Americans used to go against their owners?
  3. What amendment abolished slavery?
  4. This amendment allowed blacks to become citizens?
  5. What did the 15th Amendment do?
  6. In the 1872 campaign what tactic was used to divide voters?
  7. Many African American’s voted for which political party?
  8. What court case was known as the, “separate, but equal case?”
  9. Looking at question number 8, what does separate, but equal mean?
  10. What does the term Jim Crow era refer to?
  11. What age group was effected by segregated schools?
  12. What did Morgan v. Virginia outlaw?
  13. What finally integrated public facilities?

After the webquest please pick three headings to complete summary frames.

P 821 Equality in Education

p. 822 The Brown Decision

p. 823 Confrontation in Little Rock

p. 824 The Montgomery Bus Boycott

p. 825 Martin Luther King Jr.

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WWII Summary Frames

Using your American Journey book create a summary frame for the following topics.


War In Europe

The War in Expands

The Battle of Britain

Attack on Pearl Harbor

Industrialization Day 5- Industry and Workers

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WWII Intro

Complete the following vocabulary on notebook paper. P 766 American Journey

  1. Dictator
  2. Fascism
  3. Anti-Semitism
  4. Appeasement
  5. Blitzkrieg
  6. Lend-Lease
  7. Ration
  8. Internment Camp
  9. Genocide
  10. Holocaust
  11. Island Hopping
  12. Kamikaze

Using page 741-743 in the American Journey

Create a Concept Map: One for each country found on pages 741-743 in the American Journey. 

Who was the dictator? 

Give 1 Fact about their leadership? (How did they rule) 

What was the dictators goal for their country? 

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  1. North Carolina; A Land of Contrasts. Read 404-407, then answer Questions 1-3.
  2. Here is the Section


WebQuest The Great Depression – 1930’s America

Go to: Teacher Resources – Feature – American Memory Timeline: Great Depression – For Teachers (Library of Congress)

Read the “Overview” and answer below

1. What event started the Great Depression?

2. How many Americans were unemployed during the worst part of the Depression?

3. Explain one effect of the Depression in other parts of the world.

4. What finally brought an end to the Depression in the U.S.?

Go to: Dust Bowl

5. Explain what the Dust Bowl was and its two main causes.

6. Explain what the Dust Bowl caused people in that region to do.

7. Explain what happened with the stock market and banks to cause the Great Depression:

Go to: 1930’s

8. What was the price of a man’s shirt in the 1930’s?:

9. What is it now?

10. Explain what President Franklin Roosevelt did to restructure America during the Depression. Include an explanation of the New Deal in your answer.

11. What were Hoovervilles and why were they called that?

12. How did people spend their free time during the Depression?

13. How much did a loaf of bread cost in the 1930’s?.

Do a Google image search for “Great Depression”

14. What is the feeling you get of life in 1930’s America?:

This photo was taken by Dorothea Lange GD

15. Why do you think this photo is the MOST famous photo of the Depression?:

16. Name the title of a famous song.

17. Read two of the letters from children to the White House. Then imagine yourself in a similar situation.

18. Write a realistic short letter to President or Mrs. Roosevelt asking for a specific kind of help.

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Completed Notes

Day 1 Notes 1

Day 2 Notes 2

Day 3 Notes 3

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Webquest- Age of Jefferson

1. Citizens liked Jefferson because he celebrated what two things?

2. Who was named President after Thomas Jefferson?

3. What political party collapsed after the War of 1812?

4. What invention led to a new demand for slaves?

5. How many slaves did most North Carolinian’s own?

6. What two groups avoided owning slaves?

7. What happened to the slave population after 1800?

8. What type of men tended to dominate politics in the 1800s?

9. In North Carolina what county did the Second Great Awakening start in? 

10. In regards to banking, how did the Republicans and Federalists in NC differ?

11. What party did most lawyers tend to support? 

12. What major war failed to unite the Tar Heels?

13. First Lady Dolly Madison was from what county in NC?

14. What did people in NC complain about around 1813?

15. Why was NC known as the Rip Van Winkle State15.

16. What suffered in NC?

17. What public service was under funded?

18. About how many residents left the state?

19. As of 1790 what percent of the population lived east of Wake County

20. What group did not want to surrender political power?

21. Name one prominent reformer from Orange County?

22. What were some of his reform plans?

23. What was the Literary Fund?

24. What were internal improvements? Why would they be helpful to an economy?

25. What is the connection between international markets, internal improvements, and slavery?

26. What political party in NC lead to reform?

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WWI Completed Notes

Notes 1

Notes 2

Notes 3

Notes 4

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