War of 1812

Do Now

  1. What geographic advantage did we get from the Louisiana Purchase?
  2. How did the embargo act hurt New England States?

Big Idea

  1. The War of 1812 occurred largely to fight indians that were being helped by the British.
  2. The Hartford Convention leads to the end of the Federalist Party.


War of 1812.png

Please complete the following in your American Journey Book

P 289-295 American Journey

  1. How did american shipper’s profit from the wars between the French and the British during the mid 1790s?
  2. What were some of the dangers of sailing in the Mediterranean?
  3. What did the Barbary Pirates demand in order for ships to pass safely?
  4. What country was blockaded in 1801?
  5. How did the war with Tripoli conclude?
  6. What was the thriving American foreign trade based upon?
  7. What are neutral rights in regard to shipping?
  8. What british policy seized american sailors for the British navy and forced them into service?
  9. What happened with the attack on the Chesapeake?
  10. What is an embargo?
  11. What effect did the embargo of 1807 have on American Commerce with other nations?
  12. Who did the embargo force the British to trade with?
  13. How was New England hurt by the embargo?
  14. How was the South hurt by the embargo?
  15. How was the embargo difficult to enforce?
  16. Why was James Madison called “Little Jimmy?”
  17. Between France and Britain, who was seen as the bigger threat?
  18. What did Tecumseh believe would stop the white movement onto the Native American lands?
  19. Why was General Harrison afraid of the the Shawnee brothers?
  20. What group won the Battle of Tippecanoe?
  21. President Madison strongly supported what group of young men?
  22. What group strongly opposed going to war?
  23. What policy did the British end just before the War of 1812 started?



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Barbary Pirates

Do Now

Who explored the Louisiana Territory

Does the constitution allow the President to buy new land?

What did the buying of the Louisiana territory secure?

Big Idea

I can identify the War Hawks and their interests?

I can discuss the role Tecumseh played in Native American revolts.


Barbary Pirates.png

Reinforcement Ebackpack assignment 530-foreign-affairs-neutrality-expansion-war-and-a-doctrine


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Judiciary Act 1801

Do Now:

How did the death of Hamilton affect the Federalist Party?

What problem did the 12th amendment try to fix?

Big Idea

Judicial Review is the power to declare a law unconstitutional.

Many people were moving west by 1800


Reinforcement Activity

Brain Pop Lewis and Clark

Ebackpack assignment 4 Primary Source, Lewis and Clark

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Study Review Questions


Do Now: Read the following article


  1. What is physics? What does it study?
  2. What did scientists originally think?
  3. Describe what scientists think about cat flipping.

Study Guide- Early Republic Years

6 the Early Presidential Era by David Roach on Scribd


Use the following link and your notes to assist you.


  1. First Vice President and only Federalist President. ___
  2. Signed an unpopular treaty with Britain ____
  3. Killed a man in a duel. ____
  4. Leader of the Democratic-Republicans___
  5. Had a plan to fix the economy of the US ____
  6. City was the first capital for the US. ____
  7. State where the Whiskey Rebellion happened _____
  8. State that nullified Alien and Sedition Acts____
  9. First state that wasn’t a 13 colony _____
  10. City that the constitution was signed in_____
  11. In his ___________________________, Washington warned us to stay out of foreign affairs
  12. A __________________ is a group of advisors that help the president run the nation.
  13. A tax on imported goods is called a __________________.
  14. In the ___________________, French officials demanded a bribe before meeting our 
  15. ______________________ means to not follow a law.
  16. ______________________ Interpretation of the Constitution means that if it is not written down, you can’t do 
  17. During the __________________________, farmers were upset that taxes were placed on their Whisky.
  18. _____________________ Interpretation of the Constitution means that you can do it because the Constitution
  19. Alexander Hamilton was in favor of passing a protective tariff to encourage the growth of 
  20. Hamilton’s argument that the government has the power to create a National Bank is based on 
which part of the Constitution? _____.
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P 214-215 NC: A Land of Contrasts book.

Please complete

Reviewing People Places and Terms 1-8

Understanding the Facts 1-9


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Election of 1800

Do Now

  1. What is the concept of sectionalism?
  2. What different sections do we have in the US?
  3. What was each section concerned with?
  4. What event sparked a huge wave of anti-french feeling?
  5. What political party was responsible for the Alien and Sedition acts?

Big Idea

I can explain the impact of Sectionalism on the election of 1800.

NotesScreen Shot 2016-11-30 at 7.53.11 AM.png

Foldable- Jefferson Vs Hamilton

Screen Shot 2016-11-30 at 7.54.34 AM.png

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Do Now: American Journey p. 268-269 Read and list 5 facts.

Big Idea: I can explain how Hamilton wanted to handle the countries debt.


Screen Shot 2016-11-29 at 7.42.47 AM.png

Activity- Read p 270-272 in the American Journey then complete 1-5


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