Quiz and Unit 2 Study Guide

Do Now

  1. Who was Anne Hutchinson and what state is she associated with?
  2. How did the Southern Colonies make money?
  3. How did the Northern Colonies make money?


Unit 2 Study Guide

1-5 Name the PERSON 6-10 Name the COLONY

  1. Who was kicked out of Mass for not agreeing with the puritans?
  2. Printer, inventor, and scientist?
  3. leader of the Great Awakening.
  4. Established a colony for the Quakers
  5. Leader of the Jamestown colony
  6. Colony established by criminals and debtors.
  7. Colony established as a haven for Catholics.
  8. Colony that housed the largest American city.
  9. Colony that was conquered from the Dutch then renamed.
  10. Colony that was the first to offer religious freedom.
  11. This plant was used to make a purple dye and was harvested by slaves.
  12. ___________, or members of the Society of Friends built the city of Philadelphia for religious freedom.
  13. The island of _______________ was the site of the first English colony in America, but it failed.
  14. The _________________ was a massive religious movement in the colonies in the mid 1700s.
  15. _______________ was a trading practice where only the parent country could trade with the colonies.
  16. The _______________ was the hill country that most settlements in the colonies stopped at.
  17. The British policy of _____________________ allowed the colonies to govern themselves.
  18. The ________________ had a very strict church in the New England colonies.
  19. An _____________________ was kind of like a slave, but was freed after he paid his debt off.
  20. ____________________ was a corporation that helped to start some of the colonies.
  21. Anne Hutchinson’s teaching threatened to undermine the spiritual authority of the established clergy because she….
  22. The Mayflower Compact and House of Burgesses are examples of _____.
  23. Which of the following colonies did not have religious tolerance _____?
  24. Most of the economy based out of New England centered around _____.
  25. Most of the economy based out of the South centered around _____.
  26. The Mayflower Compact was important to the development of democracy in America because ____
  27. England’s first attempt at building a colony in America took place at _____.
  28. The largest city in the English colonies was _____.
  29. One of the consequences of Bacon’s Rebellion was that many colonists believe that they had ____
  30. The crop that saved the colony at Jamestown and brought slavery into the English colonies was ___.
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Life in the Colonies

Do Now
With a T chart, tell three things about the Carolinas and Georgia.

What was the first colony founded with religious tolerance in mind?

Big Idea
Describe everyday life in the North Carolina colony.

Describe groups that settled in North Carolina.

Explain how North Carolina became a royal colony.


    Exploring New World Notes 8.png

    Screen Shot 2016-09-22 at 7.55.00 AM.png

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    Carolinas and Georgia

    Do Now

    1. What colony was created as a refuge for Catholics?
    2. Why did many groups want to move to Pennsylvania

    Big Idea

    1. I can explain how migration and immigration contributed to the development of NC and the US.

    Exploring New World Notes 7.png


    Colonial Advertisement

    Create a colonial advertisement poster in Pages.

    You must include 4 pictures and 3 different font colors.

    Include the following


    Colony Name

    2 Famous people I could met there.

    Why the colony was founded

    What is the colonies “Claim to Fame” How did they make thir money? What was their religious belief or what famous event happened in this colony?

    Include 2-3 setences that gives a detailed description about what makes your colony special and why people should want to move there.


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    Pennsylvania and Maryland

    Do Now

    The town of Salem, Massachusetts was the site of what famous event?

    Big Idea

    I can explain how migration and immigration contributed to the development of NC and the US.

    Exploring New World Notes 6.png


    Graphic organizer of early colonies.

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    Salem Witch Trials

    Do Now

    1. Tell three things about the Massachusetts Bay colony
    2. What group settled at Plymouth? What was their main reason for settlement?

    Big Idea

    1. I can explain how migration and immigration contributed to the development of NC and the US
    2. I can describe how location and place have presented opportunities and challenges




    Complete Summary Frames for the following headings in the American Journey book.

    P. 80 Massachusetts Bay, Growth and Government, Rhode Island, Wars With Settlers.


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    Plymouth and Massachusetts Bay

    Do Now

    1. What was significant about the House of Burgesses?
    2. What led to Bacon’s Rebellion?
    3. What was a lasting outcome of Bacon’s Rebellion?

    Big Idea I can…

    Describe reasons why people settled in Plymouth and Massachusetts Bay.

    Discuss the growth of New England during the colonial period.


    Exploring New World Notes 4.png

    Today we will continue to work on our handout from yesterday.


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    Colonial Labor

    Do Now:

    1. What is a cash crop?
    2. What was the first major cash crop in North America?
    3. In a T chart, list 3 things about Roanoke and Jamestown (Educreations- screenshot and paste in journal)

    Big Idea, I can…..

    Analyze the impact of French and English colonization on American Indians.

    Explain how French and English colonies approached trade and commerce.

    Identify the motivations for French and English colonization of North America.


    Exploring the New World Notes 3.png

    Reinforcement Handout


    Homework: Complete assessment 2 in Ebackpack or the above paper handout. We will have additional time tomorrow in class and we will go over it as well.

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