Welcome Back To School!

Welcome to the 8th Grade Social Studies Website!  This website will be used as a daily log of our in class activities. Any projects, updates, homework, or general information will be posted daily.

This class will be traditional pen and paper for the first few days then transition to almost fully on the iPad.

For the first few days students will need to bring a spiral notebook and a pen to class. Once students get their iPads back the class will have a heavy focus on product creation using technology.  The most important thing that needs to be brought to class is your device.

I look forward to a great year!

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Review Day 10


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Review Day 8




Early NC Foldable

For your foldable be sure to include at least 3 points from yesterday’s notes, questions, and powerpoint.

Foldable instructions will be given in class.

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Review Day 7

Complete Yesterdays Assignment.

Page Numbers for terms

  1. 173
  2. 163
  3. 169
  4. 167
  5. 168
  6. 179
  7. 179
  8. 167
  9. 173
  10. Glossary
  11. 163
  12. 159


Activity: Early NC Foldable


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Review Day 6

P182 North Carolina History Book

Reviewing People, Places, and Terms (1-12)

Understanding the facts (1-9)


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Review Day 5

Civil Rights


  1. Before the Civil War, how did free blacks fight for equality?
  2. What were open forms of resistance that African Americans used to go against their owners?
  3. What amendment abolished slavery?
  4. This amendment allowed blacks to become citizens?
  5. What did the 15th Amendment do?
  6. In the 1872 campaign what tactic was used to divide voters?
  7. Many African American’s voted for which political party?
  8. What court case was known as the, “separate, but equal case?”
  9. Looking at question number 8, what does separate, but equal mean?
  10. What does the term Jim Crow era refer to?
  11. What age group was effected by segregated schools?
  12. What did Morgan v. Virginia outlaw?
  13. What finally integrated public facilities?
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Review Day 4

Go To Reagents Test Prep

On a sheet of notebook paper answer questions

2, 3, 4, 7,9,11,12,14,15,18,20,21,23,24,26,29,30,33,34,38,3941,42,44,45

*Note* Some questions may take around 30 seconds to load.

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